How to build a 5-minute writing habit

This is an exercise to show you that you can create a writing habit with very little time.

With persistence, you can go from writing nothing at all, to creating entirely new worlds out of thin air.

Whether you’re on the bus or in line at the grocery store — or on the toilet —you have time to write. You have time to jot down your thoughts, your feelings, and how you observe the world.

You do.

Don’t lie.

Your writing habit can be built, little by little.

It’s just a matter of noticing the time you do have and seizing it.

And once said time is seized, to write and write and write like no one is watching.

Here are a few ways you can creatively jumpstart your 5-minute writing habit:

1. Always carry a pen and small notepad with you. Make these items part of your keys, wallet, cellphone Circle of Trust.
2. Speaking of your cell phone, download a note-taking app, such as Evernote too. Or any other one. Evernote isn’t paying me to endorse them, so any app will do.
3. Become a keen observer of your environment — like a safari guide. Study your surroundings, become interested in people, write down everything that catches your attention.
4. Be the narrator of an imaginary story involving the people and things around you. Hurt some people if need be. In writing, of course.
5. Choose your own adventure. Whenever a (non-life-altering) decision is to be made, choose the one that will yield the most thrilling story. This is a win-win. Because not only will you have better writing material but you’ll have a more exciting life too. Boom!

Now, these are just a few suggestions. How creative you get is up to you and your writing style.

Do this for just 5 minutes. See what you can come up with.

I bet if nothing else, you’ll be entertained. And you’ll have more writing done than when you started.

Disclaimer: This article was not written in 5 minutes.

But I did try.

Losing to the time limit did, however, help me get my writing done.

Now, it’s your turn.

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

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