“You are either holding a knife or you’re not. There’s no, ‘I’m trying to hold a knife,’ or ‘I was just about to hold a knife.’ Now, where’s your knife?”

Living in a Latin American country without a firm grasp of Spanish is a lot like wandering in the woods at night. Every rustle of leaves sounds like a bear on the verge of eating you.

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Now, step 1:

Test It Out/Practice.

Say you want to paint. Don’t do like I did with writing. Don’t romanticize over the lifestyle and never get down to business. I moved to France in my head over a dozen times because of Baldwin.

Moving along, Step 2:

Sharpen Your Iron.

You’ve graduated past shooting in the sky. That doesn’t get your blood pumping like it used to.

Step 3:

Work Towards Mastery.

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Todd Quackenbush

I write for creatives with big ideas and even bigger inner-critics | Husband, dad, mango-enthusiast | Connect with me here: https://bit.ly/2VOg4sU

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