Being Very Unsure of Your Ideas is Part of the Process. Take Heart and Keep at It.

Every now and again, we require a pep talk to bring us down off the ledge. Every once and a while, we resign ourselves to thoughts such as:

“This idea is terrible. There’s no use.”

“What am I even doing?”

“I could never make money doing this. Who would pay me?”

And while we believe these feelings have some validity and are the indicators of our path, we prematurely step off the path and trust them more than we trust ourselves.

What we don’t realize however is, these thoughts, the feelings we experience, is actually a stage in the process of our development as creators. While there is a small percentage of people who always have faith in their work, most of us others are always questioning ourselves and what we’re doing during the creation of this thing we’re putting out in the world.

The creative process can feel quite wobbly and unstable sometimes. You want to trust yourself and your instincts but don’t feel you can for one reason or the other. Your faith is often being tested through the process. But not just that, your dedication also.

The process wants to know what you’re in it for. Are you just here for the validation or are you here to truly serve and share your gift? Either reason might get you to your destination. But it’s important to know that one of these reasons make the process much more manageable to adjust to.

If you understand that serving comes with the price of uncertainty, you’ll relax into the process knowing that it’s refining you to serve better for years to come. But if you’re only here to stroke your ego, times such as these are far and few between for a creative. Because much of the work is done internally before anything ever shows on the page or much less to an audience.

That’s why it’s important to often adjust yourself and your thinking to the spirit of service when creating something. Think more about how what you’re creating will enrich lives rather than trying to appear impressive.

You gotta have real heart for this life.

These are the first steps in cultivating it.

Thanks for reading!

I write for creatives with big ideas and even bigger inner-critics | Husband, dad, mango-enthusiast | Connect with me here:

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