Begin at Your Own Pace

Short advice for writing and life

I like slow, meandering roads that take time to travel down.

Ones that allow me to admire the scenery along my journey to the destination.

I’m a joyrider who, caught up in the moment, often misses the exit when driving.

My wife, however, prefers I not miss exits.

She needs to know where she’s going.

She optimizes her route there.

There are many advice articles out there about starting, how to start, and where to start.

There are many more articles to be written. And because we all need to add our own flavor to what we can provide, this is mine.

But it’s not quick tips. Or a checklist. It’s short and simple.

Beginning at your own pace means being patient with your process.

If you prefer to write without pressure, let your work breathe. Give it time to improve. Don’t judge it, immediately.

In your journey, in life, — and in writing—you will be tempted to look around at what other people are doing.

That’s fine. Go ahead, look. Nothing wrong with studying others' success.

That’s just smart.

But just know, there’s no rulebook that says you need to write 10,000 words a day every day. You find the pace that is comfortable to you, you stick with it for a while. Or not.

If 10,000 words daily is it, great! If it’s 300, hard-fought words, fantastic!

Do what works best for you and adjust as you may.

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